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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is HOMELINK University?

HOMELINK University is an internet based "college" devoted to the Case Management profession:

  • Case management-specific training courses written by industry professionals
  • Continuing Education delivered to your desk
  • 24/7 access to courses
  • Individual records

HOMELINK University is a continuously growing institution that will help Case Managers remain at the forefront of industry knowledge and keep them on top of continuing education requirements.


When can we begin using it?

Right away!  HOMELINK University is a continuous project. Those who are enrolled will be notified of course offerings as they become available through various channels of communication.


Are HOMELINK U courses approved for CEUís?

Yes! HOMELINK U courses are approved for CEUs by the CCMC.


How can HOMELINK University help me in my present job and prepare me for promotion within my organization?

HOMELINK University provides a comprehensive knowledge-base for both new and seasoned case managers alike.  HOMELINK University's curriculum is set to include courses designed to prepare employees for future promotions within their organization. Grow your career with HOMELINK University!


How does HOMELINK University fit within my other training programs

HOMELINK University courses provide up-to-date information that all case managers need to be successful in their jobs. 

HOMELINK University fills a need for subject knowledge in core areas and is strategically placed alongside other training opportunities you provide.


How often are new courses published?

HOMELINK U has two associates who work in the publishing process of new HOMELINK U courses. As new courses become available to us from industry experts, these associates work to convert them into a format compatible with the HOMELINK U platform. Once this process is completed, the course becomes available to HOMELINK U users immediately.


Why should I invest my time in online education?

As a comprehensive online resource, HOMELINK U is designed to complement your other training opportunities. HOMELINK U courses provide up-to-date information that case managers need to be successful in their jobs. HOMELINK U fills a need for subject knowledge in core areas and is designed to prepare you for advancement within your organization.


How many courses can I take during the month?

One of the benefits of HOMELINK U is that there is no limit to the number of courses that a student can take during a month. All users enjoy unlimited course access every month.


How long does it take to complete a course?

All HOMELINK U courses are designed for the ďaverageĒ student to complete in about an hour. Actual time to complete a course depends on a number of factors, including individual student knowledge and course complexity.


Who writes the courses?

HOMELINK works regularly with an elite group of well-known industry experts. 

These industry experts lend their expertise to us in creating courses for the University.


Do you have a listing of all the courses?

A complete listing of these courses is available on our course catalog.


Who can I contact for help?

For questions or concerns about HOMELINK U please contact HOMELINK by calling 888-797-8672 or by emailing HLUInfo@vgm.com.


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